About Us

PRODIGIOUS LIFE SCIENCES is a chemical manufacturing and supply company serving business for both the academic research and pharmaceutical industry throughout the globe. PRODIGIOUS LIFE SCIENCES has a team of expertise scientists with over 18 years of broad and extensive experience in the field of organic synthesis, drug discovery, medicinal chemistry, process development, API, contract research, natural products, and analytical chemistry. Our overarching goals are “Customer Satisfaction and Trust”, so we give better price and high-quality material within the specified timeframe.

Vision, Mission & Values


Our vision is to build PRODIGIOUS LIFE SCIENCES into a world-class, leading pharmaceutical service provider based on innovation with high standards of ethics in the interest of society and the environment.


We are committed to improving people’s health through science and innovation. Our mission is to provide better access to affordable medicines for patients and positively impact prosperity.

IP & Confidentiality

We help our customers by accelerating research, solving complex challenges, improving productivity, and strictly maintaining IP and confidentiality.

Safety & Environmental Policy

We, at PLS, strongly believe that the earth and its resources are borrowed from our future generations, and it is incumbent upon us to nurture and protect them. We make a conscious effort to minimise a negative impact on the environment through a robust safety and environmental policy.