Medicinal Chemistry

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Medicinal chemistry for any stage of your drug discovery project

With our strong track record on various biomolecular targets and excellence in synthetic and medicinal chemistry services, we add substantial value at any stage of your drug discovery projects. In Medicinal Chemistry research, we are working with a broadly experienced team on all biomolecular targets from any gene family in any therapeutic area. Our expertise ranges from small molecules, peptides and peptidomimetics to larger and more complex molecules, such as Ab and peptide drug conjugates.

By doing so, we are exploring entry points into medicinal chemistry projects in an unbiased manner, from large high-throughput screening (HTS) campaigns and focused screening, to rational molecular design approaches, over chemogenomics and fragment-based screening, as well as starting points from literature, including published intellectual property (IP) matter. Besides our drug discovery chemistry activities, we are running our own pilot plant facility in Asia for large-scale syntheses, which also grants us access to a broad supplier network for building blocks and fine chemicals.